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If you'd like to be notified of any new developments with my writing you can susbcribe to the low-volume notification list which is linked from the sidebar. Your e-mail address will be safe with me and I promise not to sell them to a spammer unless the books don't do well and I have no other means to support myself :p


I don't have as much published in the fiction category as I do in non-fiction. I've had a series of humourous IT related stories published in "PC Quest" - a Sri Lankan magazine and that's about it as far as official publication goes. I've got a few short stories from about 10 years back and I completed my first novel about a couple of years ago. I have published it as an e-book (and also a print version) on Lulu.com. You can get it from here. I am also working on a few short stories at the moment and have a few other novels in the works.


I had my first newspaper column over 10 years ago - in 1995 - in the Sri Lankan "Sunday Times". It was named "The Cyberian" and was aimed at disseminating IT information to the masses. That column ran for over two years and during that time I branched out to do a few more columns, many short articles and some other stuff such as news stories. These columns inlcuded a series on books and writing, science fiction, unexplained phenomena etc. Since then, I've had a regular column on gadgets in "Adoh!" and regular articles in "Travel Sri Lanka" - two other popular Sri Lankan magazines.


Writing resources that I've created, collected or used which might be of use to other writers.

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