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19-Jun-2009: I have been doing iPhone development for the past three months or so and so, unfortunately, it looks as if there might be no more Windows development work from me. All of my iPhone related work can be found on a separate sub-site, here.

08-Jan-2009: Birdie 0.95 released with the ability to type in long messages which are automatically split into several tweets and some basic user management functionality. Check the version history for the full list of changes.

16-Dec-2008: Birdie 0.94 released with support for filtering tweets on the main interface, grouping tweets by user and/or keyword, and a quick re-tweet button. Check the version history for the full list of changes.

05-Dec-2008: Birdie 0.93 released. This version includes hash tag support, search/filtering options, multi-user support, better error handling, and built-in update support. Check the version history for the full list of changes.

30-Nov-2008: Birdie 0.92 released. This release has a bunch of bug fixes, automatically saving/restoring the Birdie window size and position, system tray support under Windows, notification sound, deleting of tweets from Birdie itself and a few other things. Check the version history for the full list of changes.

25-Nov-2008: Birdie 0.91 released. This release includes a few bug fixes and the new option of creating short URLs via is.gd from right within Birdie.

20-Nov-2008: Birdie 0.90 released. This is the first beta release of my Adobe AIR offline Twitter client.

04-Jun-2008: Loafer 1.0 released. This first public release of my project time tracking application brings basic time tracking, billing and reporting capabilities to the table.

05-Dec-2007: PlotCraft 2.0 released. This release adds rich-text editing for ideas and a treeview for easy navigation of ideas. It also allows you to have multiple database files and to save your PlotCraft information anywhere you want.

18-Jul-2007: Blog 8.0 beta 7 released. This beta fixes issues with remote blogging support and added tag support for blogging servers that support it, such as MovableType .

21-Jul-2006: A new addition made to the Blogging Scripts section. A script to convert MovableType categories to tags.

27-Feb-2006: PlotCraft 1.1 released. This release adds some data validation, a real help file and a few other minor features.

26-Feb-2006: Blog 8.0 beta 5 released. This beta finally adds support for remote blogging servers such as WordPress. It also fixes a few issues with the category system and find feature.

07-Feb-2006: WriteTrack beta 3 released. This build allows you to keep track of income and expenses with regard to each project (posting, photocopying etc.). Also has some UI modifications/clean up. Download below.

20-Jan-2006: PlotCraft 1.0 released. This utility allows you to keep track of story/character/scene information. Useful for writers. Download below.

13-Jan-2006: WriteTrack beta 2 released. You can now generate the submissions (eitther as letters or e-mail) based on templates.


An Adobe AIR offline Twitter client which stores all of your tweets and direct messages locally in a database. Works even when Twitter is offline or you do not have Internet access and runs under Windows, Linux, and OS X.
More Info | Latest Beta

Blog (Updated - 2007-07-18)
A web logging utility which allows you to maintain a blog on any site which supports FTP while keeping all your entries on your own hard disk for safety. The latest beta adds tag support for remote server based blogging apps which support the feature such as MovableType.
More Info | Latest Stable | Latest Beta

Blogging Scripts (Updated - 2006-07-21)
A set of scripts to do various tasks under MovableType and WordPress. Some of these scritps might now be outdated since the particular blogging platform in question might have been updated since then and data structures have changed but still, these will provide a starting point for those who want to do the same task now.
More Info

BOB (Updated - N/A)
Beast of Burden - mass FTP software which allows you to upload the same file to multiple FTP sites in one go.
More Info | Latest Stable

Cee (Updated - N/A)
Cee is for cookie :p It's a fortune cookie application which works with Blog and shows interesting quotes on your blog. It also allows you to auto generate e-mail signature tags.
More Info | Latest Stable

Loafer (Updated - N/A)
A project time tracker and billing management app to help you track the time you spend on various projects. You can set various billing rates for individual projects (or for individual tasks under a project) and be able to calculate the total time to bill a client. (4.89MB)
More Info | Latest Stable

MailCoder (Updated - N/A)
A tiny app to HTML encode e-mail addresses to be displayed on websites so as to stop spammerbots harvesting your e-mail address.
Latest Stable

Nailer (Updated - N/A)
Batch thumbnailing utility to create thumbnails of images and upload both the thumbnail and original to a webserver via FTP.
More Info | Latest Stable

PlotCraft 2.0 (Updated - 2007-12-05)
A small utility to keep track of all the different story/character/world ideas that you might get from time to time. It makes keeping track of all these different ideas pretty easy by way of categorization.
More Info | Latest Stable

RenX (Updated - N/A)
Explorer extension to rename multiple files easily. You can replace part of the filename or modify the filename in various ways.
More Info | Latest Stable

Schemer (Updated - N/A)
A visual CSS colour scheme generator to be used on web pages. It generates CSS for a limited number of web page elements.
Latest Stable

Scope (Updated - N/A)
A tabbed browser shell which can use either the IE or Gecko engines and can allow you to view pages in both engines side-by-side. (Has not been updated in a long time and might not work with the latest Mozilla builds.)
More Info | Latest Stable

Snipper (Updated - N/A)
A web snippets utility which allows you to take snippets from multiple sites (for instance just the comic strip from your favourite web comics) and combine those snippets into one single page for easy viewing.
Latest Stable

WriteTrack (Updated - 2006-02-07)
A submission tracking tool for writers. Helps you keep track of agents/publishers, projects and your submissions to them. Is in early beta at the moment but eventually will have a built-in expense tracking tool as well.
Latest Beta

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