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Honest, the Martian Ate Your Dog Humorous Science Fiction Novel
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My fiction, unlike my non-fiction work, is very limited. I've had one serialized story, CISCWorld, published but beyond that, I've not spent too much time on fiction in the past. And this despite the fact that I actually wanted to be a writer of fiction :p I did finally get going on my dreams of writing fiction when I wrote the first novel in what has since then become a series of novels - I call it the Fifty Galaxies Series. My wife has a few novels set in the same universe and we've got a few more planned as well.

Since writing the first novel in the Fifty Galaxies Series, I've also dusted off some of my older short stories which never went anywhere and have re-written them and have started submitting them to various magazines for publication. I'm currently working on my third short story while one of the first two is being considered by a magazine and the other is making the rounds.

The Fifty Galaxies Series (2004 - To-date)

The first novel in this series, "Honest, the Martian Ate Your Dog" has gone through final editing and has been published via Lulu.com as an e-book (and also as a print version). You can read about it (and download it) from here.

I started work on a second novel set in the same world, "Basement of the Universe" but then put that on hold for a while due to a couple of different reasons. The events in "Basement" are influenced by the events in "Honest, the Martian Ate Your Dog" but this is not a sequel. Both are stories which will stand by themselves but are also part of a much larger story. In fact, I call the seven novels which span this particular series of events a story spiral - it's not exactly an arc since this is not a linear progression but rather a set of events radiating out from a central event :p

After I put "Basement" on hold, I began working on "The Hunt for 'Read October'" - this novel is set in the same universe as the previous two. In fact, this introduces some of the central characters who are to appear in "Basement" and a few other novels in the orignally planned story spiral. However, "Hunt" is not really a story in the original "Honest" sprial - it's more of a prequel to "Basement". Yes, I know, sometimes I confuse even myself :p

CISCWorld (1997)

Sometime in 1997, I wrote a serialized humorous story about a a fantasy world where magic had a decidedly IT slant. The series was a take off on Terry Pratchett's popular "Discworld" series. I even wrote to PTerry to get his permission to do the series. His words? (And I quote verbatim) "Do not be Afraid. If permission were needed to parody, I'd be out of a job!" The series was prematurely terminated when I left Sri Lanka in 1997 to go to the USA. Here are the first two parts:

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