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A Slice of Action

If you wanted a slice of pizza and a place to unwind after a busy day; or a place to take your kids to on a Sunday to have a bit to eat and let them play some of the latest 3D games while you watched a movie in a mini-theatre; or you simply wanted to play a game of pool with a couple of friends, now there is a place for you to go to. It’s called the Game Hut and  is located above the Colpetty Pizza Hut on Galle Road.

The Game Hut just opened at the beginning of October and has quite a few entertainment needs to suit your needs. They’ve got 3D gaming, a pool table, Internet browsing with audio and video conferencing facilities and a mini-theatre system with a big screen TV and full home theatre system and a very good library of English, Tamil and Hindi movies.

The charges are fairly reasonable – Rs. 50 for a half hour of 3D gaming or Net browsing with the rate dropping to Rs. 80 for an hour and Rs. 70 from the second hour onwards. The pool table costs Rs. 250 and mini-theatre costs Rs. 500 for 4 people for 2 hours. They’ve even got a membership system where you pay Rs. 500 per year and you get 10% off on everything including any food ordered from the Pizza Hut downstairs. They currently have a free membership drive going on which is supposed to continue till the middle of November or so.

It seems like a nice place to spend a pleasant evening – especially out on the balcony where you can relax with something to eat and enjoy the cool evening breeze blowing in from the sea while your kids enjoy themselves inside. For further details, you can contact them directly:
The Game Hut
No: 433/1 Galle Road
Colombo 3.
Tel: 011-2595958
e-mail: [email protected]

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