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Aazmayish (Trial)

The trailers for this movies heralded Rohit Kumar, the young hero, as the newest sensation to appear in Bollywood. Of course, the fact that the producer of the movie seems to be his father (I am not sure of the relationship but they both do have the same last name) might have something to do with this high praise.  Actually, Rohit Kumar does not dazzle us with his acting prowess in the movie but his performance is adequate and he is perfect for the role of the son of Dharmendra (the other hero of this two hero project - sort of -) because their features are somewhat similar.

The story, as usually happens in any Hindi movie, is the same old formula thing but is pretty interesting because of the way the relationship between the father and son is portrayed. Anjali - "The Lyril Girl" as she's known in India - plays the part of the girl that Rohit falls in love with and who happens to be (big surprise!) the daughter of the villain (Prem Chopra).

The story is about the love between a father and a son and how they are friends as well as being a father and a son. The two of them live in a colony where the people work for rich contractor Prem Chopra. Prem's father-in-law, who is dead and who owned the construction business, had promised the people that he would build houses for them and part of the story revolves around Dharmendra's and Rohit's fight to get the promised houses built for their people. The rest of the story is about Rohit's and Anjali's love affair and the "third man" in the triangle - Mohnish Bahl.

Music makers Anand-Milind make an appearance after a long delay and though they seem to have stopped lifting Tamil maestro Illaiyarajah's tunes, their tunes still have a hauntingly familiar ring to it. May be we should start a competition to guess who has inspired the A-M duo this time!

The film is watchable but not something you should go out of your way to see. If you have nothing to do of an evening or if you drop in at your local video-shop and see the casette, it's worth taking a look at. Oh, for the movies of yester-year!

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