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BlogMan is a program which I wrote to complement another one of my apps - Blog. While Blog allows you to maintain a web log as a standalone system based from your hard disk, BlogMan allows you to access your web log posts on a remote blogging server such as Blogger, Movable Type or B2. BlogMan allows you to retrieve your existing posts, edit them, delete them and create new posts and then publish them to your server. Depending on the type of server you access, certain features might be available or not but basically BlogMan will work with any server which supports the Blogger API or the MetaBlog API.


  • Everything is self-contained - no need for other programs like an HTML editor or an FTP client.
  • Can handle multiple types of blogging servers from the same program.
  • Can keep a local copy of all your posts and blog configurations in case of a server crash.
  • A built-in backup utility allows you to create archival ZIP files of your data.
  • You don't have to be online to make posts - you can create your posts offline and get online only to update your server.
  • Built in spell checker and thesaurus. You can have live spellchecking as you type.
  • The ability to assign often used custom HTML tags as menu commands and toolbar buttons for easy accessibility.

Screen Shots

Main Window

License Dialog

Blog Configuration Dialog

Options Dialog

FAQ/Known Defects

  • I use Blogger or B2 - what do the Excerpt and More tabs on the main screen do? These tabs are to support the features available in MetaBlog API supporting blogging servers like Movable Type and will not do anything for Blogger or B2.

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