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Blog 7.1 (February 26 2003)
This release of Blog includes the following features:
  • A collapsible splitter for the category panel
  • Modification of the <$BlogNewComment> tag so that it could be used multiple times in the same template
  • Numerous bug fixes in the digest and archive generation features
Blog Installer (1.93 MB)
Schemer 1.0 (December 12 2002)
A simply utility to create CSS colour schemes for various elements on a web page. The color scheme can be created in a WYSIWYG editor by dragging and dropping various colours on different web page elements.
Schemer Installer (200k)
Nailer 1.0 (December 4 2002)
This program does one job and only one job - it creates thumbnails for selected images from your hard disk and either uploads them to an FTP server or to a local folder. Does not create an HTML file to go along with it.
Nailer Installer (640k)
BOB 1.3 (December 4 2002)
This release tries to fix the general unresponsiveness experienced with BOB during a file upload. The whole program seems to stop responding even though it is actually upoading a file and is working fine. Added a progress meter to the status bar which would keep on showing the upload progress even when the rest of the interface seems to have stopped responding.
BOB Installer (634k)
BlogMan 1.0 Beta 1 (December 4 2002)
BlogMan is a tool similar to Blog but instead of an offline destkop based blogging utility, it is a tool to allow people to remotely post to a server based blogging tool like Blogger, Movable Type or B2.
BlogMan Installer (1.89 MB)
RenX 1.5 (November 18 2002)
This release adds the option to rename (using all the familiar options in RenX) either the file name or the extension for a bunch of selected files.
RenX Installer (357k)

Blog 7.0 (October 31 2002)
The final release for the 7.0 version. Includes:

  • The ability to add comments without the need for any server side software
  • A digest feature to send digests of journal posts via e-mail to subscribed users and a built-in subscription/unsubscription mechanism
  • The ability to assign multiple categories per entry and to display archives by category
  • A built-in data backup option
  • A repair option to reconstruct damaged database tables
  • Logging of all Blog operations and a host of other changes.
  • Removal of a rather nasty bug which would delete Blog data files when more than one instance of Blog was run
  • The ability to strip all HTML code from digests sent out via e-mail.
  • Option to display entries in normal or reverse order for both date and time of entry independant of each other
  • Smart installer which would either upgrade or do a full install based on the contents of the install directory
  • Fixed a host of minor bugs with the last beta release including the problem of not being able to make more than one post per day and an "Invalid Media" error on backup on certain machines
Blog Installer (1.9 MB)

Blog 6.1 (August 16 2002)
This release adds the ability to define custom HTML tags as menu/toolbar items. It also fixes a variety of minor bugs and updates the internal Indy version used to the final 9.0 release.
Blog Full Install 16-08-2002 (1.81MB)
Blog Upgrade 16-08-2002 (804k)
Blog 6.0 (June 27 2002)
This is the final release of Blog 6.0 with a couple of minor bug fixes: 1) Blog does not look for a Net connection if posting only to local sites 2) Blog automatically creates a relative link for image files if the image directory is a sub-directory of the blog directory.
Blog Full Install 27-06-2002 (1.81MB)
Blog Upgrade 27-06-2002 (803k)
Blog 6.0 Beta 3 (June 20 2002)
This release adds handling image attachments in Client and Server modes as well as some bug fixes and a few minor features.
Blog Full Install 20-06-2002 (1.81MB)
Blog Upgrade 20-06-2002 (802k)
Blog 6.0 Beta 2 (June 11 2002)
This is the first public beta of Blog 6.0 and adds the major feature of two extra modes in addition to the Standard mode found in Blog so far: Server and Client. This allows users to post to their journal remotely via e-mail or to share the task of maintaining a blog site.
Blog Full Install 11-06-2002 (2.05MB)
Blog Upgrade 11-06-2002 (851k)
MailCoder 1.0 (May 17 2002)
This little utility has only one purpose - to encode e-mail addresses and other sensitive information like URL's that you don't want those nasty spammers to get a hold of, so that you can still publish the information on your website but not be so succeptible to being added to one of the spammer lists.
MailCoder 17-05-2002 (210k)
RenX Shell-extension 1.0 (May 17 2002)
RenX is a shell-extension which gives you extended renaming capabilities - especially batch renaming - beyond what is possible with the Rename facility under Windows Explorer. You can select a set of files, right-click and select the RenX menu item (which is called Extended Rename ...) and you will be presented with a variety of renaming options for the files you selected.
RenX 17-05-2002 (357k)
Cee 2.0 (May 11 2002)
This is the first public release of Cee since Cee 1.0 Beta 1. This release skipped the final release for 1.0 since this adds a completely new interface and lots more functionality since the release of Cee 1.0 Beta 1. The new features includes the ability to generate signature files for various e-mail clients and the option to customize exactly how these signatures are formatted and generated.
Cee 11-05-2002 (634k)
Blog 5.0 (January 22 2002)
This is the final release of Blog 5.0 and adds automatic change detection and conversion of databases, new <$BlogSysDate> and <$BlogSysTime> tags to display the time and date at the time of publishing, a Find function as well as numerous fixes and minor changes.
Blog Full Install 01-22-2002 (2.5 MB)
Blog Update 01-22-2002 (1.4 MB)
BOB 1.2 (January 21 2002)
This release adds a new Site selection dialog with a list that supports standard Windows selection keys (SHIFT and CTRL clicking). The UI is updated to be more user-friendly and the internal database format has been upgraded to a newer version.
BOB 01-21-2002 (733k)
Blog 5.0 Beta 1 (September 07 2001)
This version adds spell checking and thesaurus support as well as the ability to have a random or sequential fortune cookie displayed along with your journal. The cookie management however is delegated to an add-on module named Cee. This release also fixes a few bugs with certain of the Blog tags.
Blog 09-07-2001 (1.69MB)
Cee 1.0 Beta 1 (September 07 2001)
This is a very, very rough version of the cookie manager for Blog. Nothing fancy and not very user-friendly but more a proof of concept to see if users like this idea.
Cee 09-07-2001 (611k)
Blog 4.0 (August 24 2001)
This version adds a hoard of new features such as the ability to have entries display in ascending or descending order, static author settings instead of a global setting, the ability to use the Windows user name as the author, remote templates, the ability to upload images to a separate directory, the option to have a title for each entry, the option to customize the day and month names to suit the language of your choice even if your OS setting is for a different language and a lot more. You will need the Blog Data conversion Utility before using this release if you are currently using an older version of Blog.
Blog 08-24-2001 (691k)
NewsHoard 2.0 Beta 1 (August 13 2001)
This is a rewrite of Gossip to include Usenet newsgroup reading and attachment handling functionality as well as the existing Gossip functionality.
NewsHoard 08-13-2001 (663k)
Blog 3.7 (Augugst 13 2001)
This version adds a system tray icon, the ability to have auto-generated archive liniks on the journal itself and lots of bug fixes and minor tweaks. You will need the Blog Data conversion Utility before using this release if you are currently using an older version of Blog.
Blog 08-13-2001 (683k)
Blog 3.5 (August 03 2001)
This release adds a lot of options like the ability to choose weekly or monthly archives, time formatting, new tag for directly linking to entries, multi-level undo, saving of Blog window size and placement and a few fixes for date formats other than the US one, Win95 systems etc. You will need the Blog Data conversion Utility before using this release if you are currently using an older version of Blog.
Blog 08-03-2001 (673k)
Blog 3.0 (July 30 2001)
This is the final version of Blog 3.0 and this release adds a few minor bug fixes, tweaks and XHTML compliance stuff. You will need the Blog Data conversion Utility before using this release if you are currently using an older version of Blog (even Blog 3.0 Beta1).
Blog 07-30-2001 (667k)
Blog 3.0 Beta 1 (July 27 2001)
Blog 3.0 adds auto-archiving, the ability to link to earlier posts via a handy lookup dialog,the ability to have multiple columns in the archive page and a few other enhancements and fixes. You will need the Blog Data conversion Utility before using this release if you are currently using an older version of Blog.
Blog 07-27-2001 (667k)

Scope 2.0 (July 25 2001)
This is the final version of Scope 2.0 and this release fixes a lot of minor bugs and adds to new features - toolbar buttons to toggle the Favorites treeview display and to enable/disable the automatic creation of new windows.
Scope 07-25-2001 (414k)

Blog Data Conversion Utility (July 23 2001)
This utility allows you to convert existing Blog databases to be compliant with the Blog 2.5 format. It will be used from now on to handle all changes to the Blog internal storage formats so that the users don't have to lose existing data.
Blog 07-23-2001 (550k)
Blog 2.5 (July 23 2001)
This is the 2.5 final release which adds a new tag to uniquely identify each journal entry and also fixes a few minor bugs.
Blog 07-23-2001 (664k)
Blog 2.5 Beta 2 (July 18 2001)
This release adds a new edit toolbar, customizable toolbars, toolbar cusomization saving, an upload manager and lots of minor fixes.
Blog 07-18-2001 (664k)
Blog 2.5 Beta 1 (July 12 2001)
This release adds better URL, image and file link addition via dialogs as well as the ability to automatically upload referenced images and files as well as the option to specify how many days worth of entries to be displayed on your journal.
Blog 07-12-2001 (567k)
Scope 2.0 Beta 3 (July 10 2001)
This release fixes problems with registering Scope as the default browser, problems with specifying StartUp options as well as problems with using standard shortcut keys for copying and pasting.
Scope 07-10-2001 (421k)
Scope 2.0 Beta 2 (July 4 2001)
The biggest change in this release is the addition of some basic documentation :-) There are a few minor fixes for address and status information display as well as a hotkey to give the address bar focus.
Scope 07-04-2001 (420k)
Scope 2.0 Beta 1 (July 3 2001)
This is a rewrite of Scope in Delphi. This version adds quite a few ehancements like persistent URL history in the address bar, icons in addressbar and Favorites, easier LinkGroup management, command-line LinkGroup launching, tab bar positioning on the top, right or bottom, a Favorites panel on the right-hand side of the browser space and many more.
Scope 07-03-2001 (442k)
Blog 2.0 (June 18 2001)
This version adds lots of new features and user-friendly changes. Support for publishing to local directories, a new header tag to display date specific information, firewall/proxy support and date formatting options are just some of the new additons.
Blog 06-18-2001 (561k)
Blog 1.5 (June 11 2001)
This version fixes a lot of confusing issues with labeling and usability and also makes the definition of multiple journals for the same site a lot easier as well as a few other bug fixes and feature addtions.
Blog 06-11-2001 (555k)
BOB 1.0 (June 2 2001)
This is the first release of BOB - the FTP batch uploader which allows you to upload multiple files to multiple sites with a couple of mouse clicks.
BOB 06-02-2001 (496k)
Gossip 1.0 (May 28 2001)
This is the first release of Gossip, a news backend reader which will display the headlines from any Internet site which provides a news backend file in a format supported by Gossip.
Gossip 05-28-2001 (576k)
BlogCS Beta 1 (May 14 2001)
This is the first beta of the Client-Server version of Blog which allows several users to share a journal and post their individual entries to a common site. The server portion has to be on a commonly accessible server while the client portion will run on the individual user machines.
BlogCS 05-14-2001 (1.72MB)
Blog 1.1 (May 07 2001)
This release fixes a couple of minor bugs but also converts the internal database format from Paradox/BDE to DBISAM and it shows in the final download size.
Blog 05-07-2001 (661k)

Scope 1.0 (Apr 12 2001)
This is the final release version of Scope 1.0. This is mostly a bug fix version with several fixes for minor GUI irritations and setting problems but it also contains a new option to close all active windows on starting a LinkGroup and to display the LinkGroup name on the titlebar.
Scope 04-12-2001 (107k)

Blog 1.0 (Apr 09 2001)
This is the first release of Blog - a web logging program which allows you to keep a web journal. You make your entries into a simple GUI and you can have the program post your entries to your site/s automatically via FTP and even handle the creation of archives for older entries.
Blog 04-09-2001 (4.89MB)
Scope 1.0 Pre-Release 3 (Mar 30 2001)
This version is mainly a GUI enhancement release since all the toolbar icons have been replaced as well as the addition of icons to browser tabs. The internal code has been rewritten for several GUI components including the tab bar and command bar (menu bar in a rebar) as well.
Scope 03-30-2001 (106k)
Scope 1.0 Pre-Release 2 (Mar 16 2001)
This version is not so much a bug-fix release as a feature addition release to PR1. This adds several tabbar related options such as the ability to have a tab bar at the top or the bottom of the screen and to have a single line or multiline tabbar.
Scope 03-16-2001 (101k)
Scope 1.0 Pre-Release (Mar 14 2001)
This is the prelude to Scope 1.0 final. This version fixes most known GUI problems with toolbar dragging etc. and also introduces many start up options such as being able to start Scope with a blank page, a given URL, a LinkGroup or the your last open sites.
Scope 03-14-2001 (100k)
Scope Beta 7 (Mar 08 2001)
This was mostly a fix release for the previous Beta 6 fix release <vbg> It brought back all the features that had dropped off accidentally, fixed the security issues and also solved a problem with forms - at least for IE. The jury is still out on whether forms work with Mozilla :-)
Scope 03-08-2001 (91k)
Scope Beta 6 (Mar 06 2001)
This release was a quick-and-dirty fix for scrollbar problems that people had - either IE windows had dual scrollbars or Mozilla windows had none. It also included a couple of features such as the option to select your default browser engine (IE or Mozilla) and the ability to change the title on your main window. Unfortunately, due to the rushed nature of the release it also had some "feature-droppage" - you couldn't browse to automatically opened new windows and the back and forward arrows wouldn't work even in IE.
Scope 03-06-2001 (84k)
Scope Beta 5 (Mar 03 2001)
This release fixed the toolbar icon background transparency problem and added support for the Mozilla engine so that you can view pages in IE and Mozilla at the same time.
Scope 03-03-2001 (84k)
Scope Beta 4 (Feb 23 2001)
This version fixes problems with browser window restoring and maximizing, problems with showing and hiding toolbars and a few other visual defects. It also adds tab right-click menus and the ability for Scope to detect whether it is already running and if so, open a page in the existing session.
Scope 02-23-2001 (84k)
Scope Beta 3 (Feb 20 2001)
This version fixes problems with using TAB and DEL keys in web forms, hopefully fixes a problem that only WinME users seemed to have and allows you to use Scope as the default browser.
Scope 02-20-2001 (82k)
Scope Beta 2 (Feb 17 2001)
This version fixes several bugs and also adds drop-down history lists on forward and backward navigation buttons as well as LinkGroups which allow you to save a set of open browser windows in a group and later reopen those sites with one click.
Scope 02-17-2001 (78k)

Scope Beta 1 (Feb 16 2001)
Finally the fully functional (I hope) release of Scope. All the menus work and all the features should work too though there might be many bugs :-) Enjoy!
Scope 02-16-2001 (71k)

Scope Alpha 2 (Feb 13 2001)
This is the second alpha release of Scope. This fixes Scope crashing almost always when you close a browser window. It also adds inactive style buttons to the toolbar.
Scope 02-13-2001 (72k)

Scope Alpha (Feb 09 2001)
A tiny browser program which uses the IE engine and displays multiple sites at once in an MDI (Multiple Document Interface) window. Currently very buggy since it is under development.
Scope 02-09-2001 (69k)

PrayerTimeCE 1.0
A program to calculate Islamic prayer times for the Pocket PC. This version is limited to calculating times only for the current date and for your Home City (as set in your PPC).
StrongARM version

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